March 13, 2019


Industrial entities like mills, warehouses, manufacturers, processors, etc. are the largest consumers of power in India. Additionally, due to uneven implementation of open access policies in many states, industry owners in India do not enjoy the possibility of choosing their electric utility so as to cut down their large electricity bills. High electricity bills in respective states can make a business lose competitiveness in production costs. Fortunately, Solar PV systems can help you substantially reduce your bill and achieve your energy goals by making efficient use of your vacant industrial sheds, offices, and parking spaces. Industrial Solar PV systems are low maintenance systems, provide 100% emission-free electricity and have a service life of over 25 years. The whole system is composed of PV modules, solar inverter, smart controller, solar mounting structure and an online monitoring system.

Schematic Diagram for Industrial PV Systems

Modern solar PV systems for large industries provide smart grid capabilities for managing multiple sources of electricity. The system in combination with the smart controller can sync with the existing electricity supply, the DG set, solar PV rooftops and wind farms. The system prioritizes the cheapest source of electricity, ensure complete consumption of renewable sources of electricity while maintaining high availability of power in your industry. More importantly, it outputs high quality three phase full sine wave AC electricity that will enable your loads to operate normally. The industrial rooftop grid-tied PV systems can realize numerous benefits: quick payback on their investment, accelerated depreciation of 80% year on yea, branding as a green organisation and an assurance against serve hikes on the electricity tariff.