March 13, 2019

Going Green

Feel Like Going GREEN ? Allow US TO HELP YOU


We ensure that your Solar PV Plant will payback for itself in 4-5 years. With a life of 25 years you will have free energy for more than two decades. In some cases if you have observe your cost of electricity rise substantially, solar may in fact be a far more cost-effective solution.


Tired of consuming expensive diesel for your backup needs ? Cost of diesel-generated electricity is Rs. 18-20/Kwh. Solar backup systems are for more efficient and reduce your dependence on DG gensets. You have it all 24*7 power availability and cheaper electricity.


Accelerated depreciation and low solar electricity cost can help pay for a substantial percentage of your system and installation. Depending on where you live, there may be additional incentives available from your state government. Our sales representatives can explain what savings are available to make your system more affordable.


We offer commercial and industrial electricity consumers a reduction in their electricity bills and rooftops owners an additional income from their rooftops : all at absolutely zero investment. We will invest in a solar PV plant on your rooftop and provide you with the competitively priced, secure power from it.


For every 1Kwp of Solar PV installed on your roof, you are offsetting more than 182 Kgs of CO2 each year. In other words a 5 Kwp PV system offsets carbon produced by driving your car for about 20,000KMs or CO2 absorbed by one acre of tree.


Make a strong foundation for your new home/farmhouse/building by involving us at the start. We will help you make your new construction solar ready and energy efficient. For companies, solar installations serve to fulfill your CSR obligations while creating an asset at the same time.