March 13, 2019

Lenders Engineer

For financial institutes, investing in solar projects, our experts conduct a neutral audit to check the health of your investment. We identify risks and suggest corrective action to minimize threats to your investment in solar.

If you are a bank, financial organization or any lending institution intending to fund or finance a Solar Power project, we help you with a neutral audit of your investment. We check for technical, operational and economical viability, accuracy and correctness of the project that you intend to invest in thereby mitigating risk and keeping your funds safe. Our inputs as a Lender’s Engineer not only benefit you (the financial institute) but also the owners and developers with a technically sound and concrete project plan.
We provide technical know how, project monitoring and regular feedback to help developers get the best out of their plants and present an accurate and convincing picture to the lenders. We expedite the development of the project by taking the role of an intermediary and helping with conflict resolution between various participants, providing knowledge and knowhow where necessary, and helping with decision making at unclear junctions.
The right time for lenders to involve a Lender’s Engineer is at the pre-investment stage. This results in timely identification of risk factors like design anomalies, production bottlenecks, geographical and environmental challenges, financial miscalculation, and government and social developmental constraints. This is particularly important due to constantly evolving technologies.